Slimming World Recipes


Scotch eggs and cucumber cups (Syn free)


Potato and Leek (syn free)

Slimming Eats Vegetable Soup (syn free)

Italian chicken and tomato soup (syn free)


Callies BBQ Sauce


Sticky Chicken (2 syns on Extra Easy)

Chicken noodle stir fry (2 syns on EE)

Seras chicken kebab (free)

Slimming Eats Braised Beef (1 syn on EE)

Take 1: Chicken Carbonara (1 syn on EE)

Super-speed chicken curry (free)

Chicken pasta bake (syn free)

Garlic lemon chicken casserole (syn free)

Veggie mac and cheese (4 syns)

Mustard chicken (0.5 syns)

Chicken Mac and Cheese (4 syns)

Take 2: Chicken Carbonara (1 syn)

Beef Lasagne (syn free)

Chicken Kievs (half syn)

Chicken Satay (6.5 syns)

Pork chow mein (4 syns)

Cottage Pie (syn free)

Diet coke chicken (syn free)

Chicken pie (8 syns)

Baked Garlic brown sugar chicken (3 syns)

Mexican dorito casserole (5 syns)

Mrs Shah’s Chicken curry (3.5syns)

Stuffed taco shells (syn free)

Fish fingers (syn free using HeB)

Cheddar, bacon, chicken, ranch pasta (3.5syns)

Marsala pork (5 syns)

Spaghetti squash ‘pasta’ bake (Syn free)

Baked chicken fajitas (syn free)

Honey maple chicken (7 syns – but adaptable to make less syn-ful!)

Bunless ground beef and zucchini burgers (syn free)

Cheesy broccoli and potato bake (syn free)

KFC style chicken (syn free)

Tilapia Fish cakes (syn free)

Chicken cordon bleu casserole (4.5 syns)

Chicken teriyaki (2 syns)

Smoked paprika chicken casserole (1.5 syns)

Side Dishes

 Pioneer Woman ‘Crash Hot potatoes‘ (just substitute the oil for PAM)

French fries with a garlic and cheese sauce




Chocolate and mandarin cake (12 syns total)

Chocolate cupcakes (10 syns)

Lemon cupcakes (8 syns)

Margarita cupcakes (6 syns)

Chocolate banana chunks (2 syns)

Chocolate cinnamon banana bars (6.5 syns)

Double Chocolate Banana bread (7 syns)

Peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread (5 syns)

Raspberry Almond and orange tray bake (6.5 syns)


This page is a work in progress, I just wanted to put all of the SW recipes I’ve tried in one place, so people don’t have to go searching!

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