Life as an Expat

Texas Strong – 2017 (Hurricane Harvey)

Expat Resources:

Marie Brice – ‘Debunking Expat Myths’

Marie Brice – The importance of routines

Erica Knecht – ‘Not just Gin and Tonics: why being an expat wife is harder than you think’

Margarita Silver – ’10 things expat women should stop doing’

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

Find a whole library of expat blogs from all over the world over here at Expatsblog

My posts on expat issues:

Na Na why don’t you get a job?

So you’ve arrived in Houston, now what?

Discovering ‘International connections of Houston’

The McMasters Hurricane prep 2012

Three years as an Expat in Houston

St Patricks day in Houston 2012

An Expats guide to the Houston Rodeo

Two years in Houston

My first encounter with an American ER 

My first year as an Expat in Houston

My first interview in Houston, 2010 with Marie Brice


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