Fertility Friends

My story ‘Every path has it’s puddle‘ National infertility awareness week (April 2012)

#1 Izzy (July 2012)

#2 Cruz (August 2012)

#3 Corinne (September 2012)

#4 Las (me!) (October 2012) – starting fertility testing

Taking the first step – for the second time (Jan 2013)

The HSG (March 2013)

#5 Maria (March 2013)

Post HSG come-down (April 2013)

Join the movement: a problem shared is a problem halved National infertility awareness week (April 2013)

My first internal ultrasound (May 2013)

Resolve: Walk of Hope (May 2013)

Good report card (June 2013)

Learning about follicles (July 2013)

BFP (Big Fat positive) (September 2013)

#6 Tanya

#7 Katie (Egg donation)

Pregnancy and Fertility – fertility whilst pregnant

Resolve to know what’s next – even if what’s next is pregnancy (National Infertility Awareness week (April 2014)

3 thoughts on “Fertility Friends

  1. Hi Las,
    I always like to read your comments on SSA page and I remember when we comment about how irritating it was that movies or soap operas when the girl just got pregnant with one night only!… In that time I was also trying to get pregnant and it was long 2 years (official) trying… Every month that ilusion just flown down with blooding tears… Thanks God I am now 6 months pregnant. And still I cannot believe. I have done all the steps you know: Histerosalpingography, clomifen, hormones… and when I decide to take care myself, live my life as good as I could, I got suddenly pregnant.
    I started with exercises, different food, loosing some weight and, the most important, to focus in something that makes me feel useful. I started volunteering, studying again…everything that could keep my mind busy!
    My husband and I had checked our medical conditions and the doctor just gave some vitamin to us. I had a cist inside an ovarian, but with an injection it just drawn.

    So, keep checking with your doctor, but don’t forget to do something for yourself and your husband. Sometimes we press them to get pregnant, even if we don’t literally talk that… And men use to be more scared about be a parent than we are.

    I wish you reach you dream, your beautiful and expected baby soon!

    Don’t give up!

    • Thank you Gisele and congratulations!! I’m very happy to hear you are pregnant and doing well!

      I do remember that conversation about people getting pregnant after just one night – how frustrating it can be, eh?

      I’m just about to write another blog post about my HSG from yesterday, it’s definitely a challenging journey.

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