Off to the land of the Tayto man!

I think it’s time I brought y’all up to speed on the happenings of the last week or so.  About twelve days ago, I woke Col up in the middle of the night, I’d not gone to bed, I couldn’t sleep, but he, being sick, was out for the count at eleven.

He awoke to find a sobbing mess standing beside the bed, “I need to go home,” I sobbed, “I know I always say I need to go home, but this time I really need to go home”.

And so, after less than twenty four hours of searching for flights, a couple of conversations and emails with the lawyer folk, we’d booked a flight.  We were leaving Houston on April 11th arriving in Ireland the next day, April 12th.  At this stage, I only told one person the date and time of our arrival, my younger brother Rowan, we kept quiet to almost everyone else.

The day before we landed, namely, the day we were leaving from Houston (and after having told the family that we were en route for a visit,) I posted a few pictures on Facebook, it was entitled, “This is my spare room”

yes, this really was my spare room!

Followed by a second picture, “This is what we did with our spare room”

Bags packed and ready to go!

and finally, followed by a third picture, “This is my current view”

Houston IAH Airport

It still took people a while to connect the dots, some people, who probably have me on their Twitter and Facebook, but who probably tend to skim past my posts, were shocked to discover that we’d landed in Ireland, with little to no warning whatsoever!

It was a last minute trip, it came with no planning and little preparation.  We had about four days to pack six cases, to sort out our business, organise everything and get ourselves together although, true to last-minute form, we forgot our little lion cub Lenny!

At almost every stage of our travelling, there was a delay, the self check-in couldn’t find me on the system, the plane was delayed by over two hours (and there was talk of having to swap planes) and the car hire company (Budget) had no recollection of our care hire reservation – thankfully Avis was a fantastic second choice and the lady at the counter bent over backwards to sort us out with a motor.

But I just wanted to get home!!

I was so impatient!

I was so excited that I didn’t sleep a wink for the entire flight, I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t.  I was wired!

Needless to say, we’re both thrilled to be back on the Emerald Isle and after a breakfast of sausage rolls and Lilt, we finally picked up a car and headed down the road to pay a visit to my family.

We don’t know how long we’re here for and my blogs will be sporadic, but, for the first time in two full years, Las and Col go Irish!

We are home 🙂

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    • yes ma’am, Col was sorting car hire, I went to get him a coffee and came back with sausage rolls, lilt and a packet of smokey bacon LOL!!

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